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Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Miss EVE Online

I really, really do. Was a great game. Is a great game. Can't afford to go back on a nonexistent salary.

Fallout: New Vegas is going strong. Sniper did an awesome job. Got a new character and I'm busy chopping things with a big ol' axe.

I came to what I think is the best solution to the Combine Reform. (I'm the leader, I decide what's best.) I dropped it on them and told them I didn't feel like doing it anymore. 3 volunteers so far. Gonna see where this goes, I want to be a passive observer.

Also, I got picked for the second round of beta testers for 8Realms. I checked the forums after the first round and they were deader than Stellar Dawn's pre-beta forum (I'm coining that phrase).

Playing it for a bit. It's nothing special so far.

Regards, IVIilitarus

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  1. Sigh* I used to paly runescape, got bored of the slow leveling but im way over total level 1000. I also got sick of them taking doen my favourate servers... that and the lag. I used to play eve online, had alto of good mining ships and a myrmidon, was saving up for a hulk. Vever actauly joined the war thing in it, but wish i did, would have been more fun. I would play EVE and I miss's jsut too expensive though :(