Monday, November 29, 2010

Combine Theme Song 'n' Stuffs

Somebody came up with the bright idea of The Combine needing a theme song.

So here, I'm adding all of my own selections for the idea. The songs are all in the music player in the corner. Just have to find them.

My proposal is to have 3 Themes. (shit!) One for The Combine as a whole and one for each Arm. I strongly suggest you listen to each song end to end.

My selections come down to this;

Combine Main Theme:

Other 5. Battle Theme 2
Epic 6. Revelations (possible Scholarly Arm song, too)
Orchestra 4. Company of Heroes

Scholarly Arm Theme

Other 6. Battle Theme 3
Orchestra 5. Spectre Induction

Militant Arm Theme

Orchestral 3: The Old Republic
Other 4. Battle Theme 1

As a side note, I would like to say that I automatically reject ANY song with lyrics that aren't justified. If you like the tune, find the instrumental.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Full of Pie is Such a Sweetheart

She gave me a Hexcrest for free <3

Sure, it's only worth like 170k, but it's a show of just how wonderful she is.

Regards, IVIilitarus

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Robot Genocide

The Stellar Dawn forum has recently seen a spate of Roleplaying threads.

The first 2 that got in before mine are at 91-92-179-84679 and 90-91-269-84049.

I dove in and dropped my own. 91-92-178-84650

Robot Genocide was launched recently and there won't be killing for a while. I want to tweak it with the community and build up support for it before launching, so as to guarantee success.

It's a very, very humourous take on giant robot warfare. Doesn't take itself seriously at all. Absurdity is the norm and the aim is to live up to the title.

Have a looksie, pl0x.

I also caught these 2 funnies in Canting yesterday, when the Tasks update was released. Perfect comedic timing right there.

Regards, IVIilitarus

Monday, November 22, 2010

Common Sense,85,327,84434

It's kind of like that.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fanfic Uploadies!

I would like to take this opportunity to bring news of a historical event. And to wave my ego in your faces a bit more, that too.

I made the first Stellar Dawn non-developer uploaded fiction onto

A very short series and a short story.

Most of my existing stories are found here, but has far fewer restrictions such as censorship and post size, so I will be posting all future Stellar Dawn fanfics to I may or may not upload more of the pieces from that thread to

I'm still getting comfortable with the format for, so future uploads will be more organised and of a higher quality, as these 2 uploads were meant for the Stellar Dawn forums, hence their small size.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stellar Dawn and

Namely that Stellar Dawn now has a section. What this means is that Stellar Dawn has a place on the internet's largest source of fanfiction and any fanfic writers for Stellar Dawn now have a place to post their fanfiction where it might be seen.

What really intrigues me isn't the site, at this point. It's the Stellar Dawn secion's lone entry. A Stellar Dawn Story Competition entry by a fellow named T.A. White. It's the only one there, hinting at the fact that this T.A. White may have set it up for us. White's profile leads to his official website and his website says he works for Jagex as a quest designer, writer and programmer. His resumé is present on the site.

This means two things.

1. Jagex lets their own employees enter their competitions (and lose)

2. This guy works for Jagex and that means his story might have hints to the game.

Which is awesome. I'mma trawl it for hints and so should you.

Regards, IVIilitarus

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fuck. He's Back.

The Stellar Dawn forums, being relatively small and unknown, don't see a lot of trolls. A few mildly immature people, some who can't spell, some who say stupid/do things occasionally (that last one would be me), but no obnoxious little pricks running around, actively trying to be jerkasses.

Today also sees the launch of 3 new tags which are sure to see additional use in the future.

See, somewhere early on, some guy named Quiet Plea posted a bit and left. Nothing amazing. Get a lot of people excited by the news of a new MMO, post a bit on the forums and disappear. Figured it was one of those happening.

He came back some bit over a month later a total asshat.

Started roaming about, mild wannabe moderator. I didn't really notice, this was back before the Headquarters forum, so us losers who dove into the clan-making business to sate our enormous egos left our threads to stew on the Stellar Dawn section. It got so bad that eventually, the first page of the Stellar Dawn section was 1 third Jagex stickies and the rest were the clans in a bump war (Combine included, the rule was stay in the top 5 on the front page or someone gets booted. Yeah, I'm an ass.)

See, the Titans and Borg were having a few minor issues between them, usually one guy poking fun or accidentally derailing the thread onto their discussion or something and then someone would settle it. Pretty soon, the clans basically made peace over the issue and more-or-less let their members have some discussions in the threads. Not like anything else was happening, this was before Jagex started dropping their characters on us to keep the ball rolling.

He shows up and starts telling everyone on the threads to quit screwing around, even joined the Titans for a bit, just to do stupid things at the Borg. Both sides told him to shut the fuck up (in nicer terms, natch, they're good people) and he starts calling it 'abuse' and 'life threats'.

[reasonable opinion]What a whiny little bitch.[/reasonable opinion]

I noticed, but didn't join in. Passive observer, until he either got onto one of my threads or did something really stupid. So I told him to fuck off (in nicer terms, natch, I'm a good person). Flame wars erupt, troll accusations are flung, I think he got 2 threads made telling to get the fuck offa the Stellar Dawn forum? He just kept pulling the 'abuse', 'you're a troll' and fake moderator when he was being a fuckin' dipshit.

So Jagex banned his ass, shot all of this posts out and locked the threads.

Another happy ending.

So we did the clever thing and forgot about that twat, carrying on with our lives. At some or other point, someone named 'It Is Truth' showed up and started posting. Some of his stuff was a little useless to the discussion, but no worse than anyone who showed up before, so we let him keep it. Even made some slightly useless posts on my threads, but I just ignored him. Didn't really take notice.

A coupla days ago, he posted some or other thing a little to close to Quiet Plea's stuff and someone took notice, called him out. I just noticed that post and dug a bit deeper into Truth's posts. Got that same 'I'm better than you, if I'm wrong, you're a troll' attitude as Plea.

The title of this post echoed in my head as I dug a bit deeper.

He's definitely back.

Not much different. He's a little more anti-religious and jackassey than before, but not much else.

Give this little shitter 2 weeks before he gets banned again.

Something like this.

He dropped this on the Remembrance Day thread (Veteran's Day for the Americans).

It's kind of like that.

This post illustrates one of the smaller reasons I started this blog: to say things I'm not allowed to say on Jagex-run forums. My personal soapbox and screaming booth. really.

What an obnoxious little fuck. Want to be rid of him for good. Had enough the last time he showed up.

Regards, IVIilitarus

Monday, November 15, 2010

Stellar Dawn's Gonna Happen in Real Life!

Or some kinda shit right outta sci-fi. Soon, in fact.

About 10 minutes from now?

NASA's website spat this out, "WASHINGTON -- NASA will hold a news conference at 12:30 p.m. EST on Monday, Nov. 15, to discuss the Chandra X-ray Observatory's discovery of an exceptional object in our cosmic neighborhood."

So there's something near us. Exceptional. NASA's got hold of it.

This sound like the beginning of an awesome popcorn flick to you?

Checkit. More at this place.

This'll either change the face of the Earth, or be another lame attempt at NASA to stay in business.

Better be aliens who're gonna give us mech technology and space babes.

Regards, IVIilitarus

Sunday, November 14, 2010

On the Origin of Pastries by Means of Bored Forumites

Space Pie (or Spacepie) is a micro-meme that, I dunno. Sprung up somewhere, and only went...somewhere from there.

See, Space Pie is a pastry. And it's edible. It's name has 2 words; Space and Pie.

Then it goes to Hell.

It's kind of like that.

See, it kinda sprung from bum-fuck nowhere and caught on. Kind of like The Combine.

Someone asked what it was and the community responded.

It only gets better from the first post.

More insight.

First rule of Space Pie appears to be something along the lines of, "Don't ask about the ingredients of Space Pie."

On another thread, a forum mod tries to exercise another, overused and dead meme.

So they jumped him.

That's Space Pie in a nutshell. Space Pie is traditionally given to new players introducing themselves, as tokens of goodwill or used as justification for war between 2 parties.

See, Space Pie is revered. Of course we have a Space Pie Appreciation thread! Well, I just respect Space Pie. I don't worship it. But these guys do.

Respect Space Pie. Or else.

Regards, IVIilitarus

The Combine: 2; Everyone Else Added Together: 1

A certain bright spark named Mr Wiggglez saw an influx of clans and a few larger, clearly dominant ones (Combine included, bitches) and decided to organise, moderate and incite a war between us.

The Inter-Clan challenge was thought up to foster some growth between people who generally don't know each other. And to fill our time while Jagex continually screws up their marketing and information release strategy.

Clans are invited to an event suggested by a player. Someone fills out a suggestion form, Wiggglez takes a look, approves and invites whichever clans. Clans may turn down an invitation. Once participants are organised, a date, time and place are all determined.

At that point, The Combine shows up two-thirds of the time and kicks everyone's asses.


6th post of this thread.

This is why I love The Combine.

Regards, IVIilitarus

Adding Stuff

I <3 you people.

In fact, I <3 you people so much that I added a Muzak Player for ya'll.

I'll be adding a crapton more tracks soon. Gonna make this a lot more winny.

Yay! Fire! And silly!

The music only starts if you hit the play button. Yeah. So if you wanna listen and read other junk, just hit play and open up other links in tabs. Use one page for music.

Regards, IVIilitarus

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Combine

I'd like to take a moment to jabber on about The Combine.

See, I made The Combine (we call it The Combine and refer to it as the Guild, we are The Combine. It's a name. We happen to be a guild.) when I decided to jump on the clan-making bandwagon. Nobody else was doing it, so I was essentially the first guy to really make a clan for the sake of making a clan, and be able to say "I made a clan before the game was released. I don't care if it's stupid, but I did it."

At the time, I recall the major clans were were StellarStop, which is more of a fansite community. Really, it's a fansite. There's a link. Visit sometime. There was also the Void Alliance, which collapsed.

See, StellarStop was founded as a community and bunch who would get to know each other before the game. The Void Alliance was a 'heavy Roleplay based/milsim' clan. Founded on the 14th and 16th of July, respectively.

So it was a good 10 days into it that my ego hit a peak and decided to found a clan so I can say, 5 years from now, "I FOUNDED A FUCKIN' STELLAR DAWN CLAN BEFORE YOUR CHARACTER EVEN STARTED!"


So on the 27th of July, The Combine showed up, and man, that'll be remembered as a dark day.

See, I started The Combine as a Tech-race specific guild to help myself. Ya know, let it grow and crash eventually. Every clan I ever started and/or joined died or I left for some reason, so I figured this would wouldn't be any different. It'll die a few months into the game and I'd write a heartfelt goodbye and join some other loser clan or something.

That plan went screwy when The Combine actually took off. Now I had problems. People were really coming in and we were becoming a respected clan because I kept stressing intelligence and maturity in the opening that only intelligent, mature people showed up.

So I overhauled the thread, shut down recruitment for a few weeks and rewrote that trash into something useful. Took it seriously. I'mma actually run this shit and make it last, because my plan of building an ego just died with a load of awesome people flying in.

The original Combine thread is over here.

Current Combine thread is here, and a helluva lot better.

See how the original sucked ass and the new one didn't?

In the time between I panicked as my plan died and I actually took responsibility for a well-established and well-stocked clan, the Borg and Titan Empire were founded, on the 3rd and 10 of August, respectively and they started snatching up people, useless, inactive as well as mature and intelligent.

See, we mighta been founded weeks earlier, but we never became the biggest or best because our leader was a dumb, egotistic fuck who tried to manipulate our collective ass into making him more respected and when he finally got his act together, the others were way ahead. Wait a sec...

Okay, so short version is, when I got swamped by people who were awesome, responsibility kicked me in the balls and I took it up, building [bold, unjustified declaration]one of the best clans in-non-existent-game[/bold, unjustified declaration].

As it turns out, when I redirect the effort I usually use to promote myself, I can do some pretty awesome stuff.

Like The Combine: The Offsite, Official Forums!

The Combine: The Twitter!

The Combine: The Facebook Page!

Okay, maybe the Facebook Page is a little much, but you gotta admit, I do some pretty insane/stupid stuff when I put my mind to it. Like found a guild for the sake of founding a guild. And then actually turning it into something meaningful.

Since then, a whole bunch of other clans have jumped on the bandwagon and most never quite take off (or get any members at all). See? Jump on a bandwagon first and they call you trend-setter. Do it too late, and they call you unoriginal copycat.


I'm a leader now.

And I got stuff to do.

You know what, founding, building and running a guild has been a learning experience thus far. I've been stressed out, I've panicked, I've jumped with joy at the prospect of new members, I've overseen discussion, participated in them, we've made ourselves a known guild and I was at the head of it.

With the above in mind, I can say one thing with utmost sincerity and honesty;

It's really, really hard, please don't make me do it again.

I mean, really. Do you know how much effort goes into doing shit like that? If I knew, I woulda found some other way of getting an ego trip. So watcha say, Combine! Let's not crash and burn/spontaneously collapse or appear destined for greatness and die overnight like the Soviet Union did?

Also, if you look up near the top of my blog, you'll see a fish tank (with fish). Click inside to feed them. That's one fishy for every Combine member, rounded down. We're at just over 20 at time of this posting and I can safely say we have the best people here.

If the fishies aren't busy eating and you move your mouse cursor around in the tank, they follow you around. See, it's a responsibility. You can either be nice and feed the fishies, helping others, but losing attention and love they give you (or your cursor), or you can have a fleet of mindless drones following you and asskissing you at every turn, who never quite find happiness with you.

Thing is, when you're leading them around in little circles and fun shapes, you're not always getting pampered and you might just as well be leading them away from the edges of the aquarium, to swim freely (or if your guild is dumb, to swim back into the wall). And when you're feeding them events and plans, you've got a responsibility not to treat them as your personal army of do-anything-I-say drones and have to keep them functioning to what the community as a whole wants.

That's what it's like to be a leader.

It's hard.

Regards, IVIilitarus

Inaugural Bullshit

Ladies and gents, welcome to IVIili's new house! I just set this layout and stuff up and stuff and stuff.

Here, I'll be blogging about my as yet non-existent Stellar Dawn character and his/her adventures, pandering my opinion about things and shamelessly advertising for things I like.

So let it be know that on this (in?)famous day, (Sunday, November 14, 2010), this blog was launched.

I'mma start writing later. Need sleepies.

EDIT: Also, let it be known that I was the second Stellar Dawn blog, ever. Mmkay? Awlright.

Regards, IVIilitarus