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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fuck. He's Back.

The Stellar Dawn forums, being relatively small and unknown, don't see a lot of trolls. A few mildly immature people, some who can't spell, some who say stupid/do things occasionally (that last one would be me), but no obnoxious little pricks running around, actively trying to be jerkasses.

Today also sees the launch of 3 new tags which are sure to see additional use in the future.

See, somewhere early on, some guy named Quiet Plea posted a bit and left. Nothing amazing. Get a lot of people excited by the news of a new MMO, post a bit on the forums and disappear. Figured it was one of those happening.

He came back some bit over a month later a total asshat.

Started roaming about, mild wannabe moderator. I didn't really notice, this was back before the Headquarters forum, so us losers who dove into the clan-making business to sate our enormous egos left our threads to stew on the Stellar Dawn section. It got so bad that eventually, the first page of the Stellar Dawn section was 1 third Jagex stickies and the rest were the clans in a bump war (Combine included, the rule was stay in the top 5 on the front page or someone gets booted. Yeah, I'm an ass.)

See, the Titans and Borg were having a few minor issues between them, usually one guy poking fun or accidentally derailing the thread onto their discussion or something and then someone would settle it. Pretty soon, the clans basically made peace over the issue and more-or-less let their members have some discussions in the threads. Not like anything else was happening, this was before Jagex started dropping their characters on us to keep the ball rolling.

He shows up and starts telling everyone on the threads to quit screwing around, even joined the Titans for a bit, just to do stupid things at the Borg. Both sides told him to shut the fuck up (in nicer terms, natch, they're good people) and he starts calling it 'abuse' and 'life threats'.

[reasonable opinion]What a whiny little bitch.[/reasonable opinion]

I noticed, but didn't join in. Passive observer, until he either got onto one of my threads or did something really stupid. So I told him to fuck off (in nicer terms, natch, I'm a good person). Flame wars erupt, troll accusations are flung, I think he got 2 threads made telling to get the fuck offa the Stellar Dawn forum? He just kept pulling the 'abuse', 'you're a troll' and fake moderator when he was being a fuckin' dipshit.

So Jagex banned his ass, shot all of this posts out and locked the threads.

Another happy ending.

So we did the clever thing and forgot about that twat, carrying on with our lives. At some or other point, someone named 'It Is Truth' showed up and started posting. Some of his stuff was a little useless to the discussion, but no worse than anyone who showed up before, so we let him keep it. Even made some slightly useless posts on my threads, but I just ignored him. Didn't really take notice.

A coupla days ago, he posted some or other thing a little to close to Quiet Plea's stuff and someone took notice, called him out. I just noticed that post and dug a bit deeper into Truth's posts. Got that same 'I'm better than you, if I'm wrong, you're a troll' attitude as Plea.

The title of this post echoed in my head as I dug a bit deeper.

He's definitely back.

Not much different. He's a little more anti-religious and jackassey than before, but not much else.

Give this little shitter 2 weeks before he gets banned again.

Something like this.

He dropped this on the Remembrance Day thread (Veteran's Day for the Americans).

It's kind of like that.

This post illustrates one of the smaller reasons I started this blog: to say things I'm not allowed to say on Jagex-run forums. My personal soapbox and screaming booth. really.

What an obnoxious little fuck. Want to be rid of him for good. Had enough the last time he showed up.

Regards, IVIilitarus

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