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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stellar Dawn and

Namely that Stellar Dawn now has a section. What this means is that Stellar Dawn has a place on the internet's largest source of fanfiction and any fanfic writers for Stellar Dawn now have a place to post their fanfiction where it might be seen.

What really intrigues me isn't the site, at this point. It's the Stellar Dawn secion's lone entry. A Stellar Dawn Story Competition entry by a fellow named T.A. White. It's the only one there, hinting at the fact that this T.A. White may have set it up for us. White's profile leads to his official website and his website says he works for Jagex as a quest designer, writer and programmer. His resumé is present on the site.

This means two things.

1. Jagex lets their own employees enter their competitions (and lose)

2. This guy works for Jagex and that means his story might have hints to the game.

Which is awesome. I'mma trawl it for hints and so should you.

Regards, IVIilitarus

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