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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Big, Stupid Jellyfish

Battlefield 2142 is great, if it weren't trying to kill me through lag. My average ping on an international server is 300. 280 on a good day. That is one on a long list of Very, Very Bad Things. The last South African server shut down over a year ago. They've go servers for every other Battlefield except 2142. Which really sucks.

I played anywhere. On international servers, I risked getting kicked by a bastard admin every time they saw I had a ping of 300. Does the fact that I'm doing better than half the people with double digit pings mean anything to you, fuckwad?

I racked up a few rather nice awards 8 or 9 Collector's Pins for killing 8 people with a knife in one round (knifing server). A silver and bronze star, for coming in second and third place on the scoreboard in a round, respectively. Nice thing about 2142's rewards is that many can be awarded multiple times. No achievements here, just unlockable equipment and shiny awards.

Also today, I got into EVE again. Started a Minmatar character. It got boring real quick. Minmatar ships are just ugly rustbuckets to me, despite their PvP prowess. My serious character will be Gallentean.

Also got screenies from my 2142 happy fun time. The scoreboard was me against the AI, with 49 kills and 66 total points in a single life, before dying. There's one of a conversation I caught on the knifing server (top left corner) and the last is a coupla giant robots (battlwalkers, for the uptight).

Regards, IVIilitarus

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