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Friday, January 28, 2011

Such a Pretty Explosion

Fun thing happened yesterday.

I tried soloing my first level 4 mission, but I got a particularly difficult one and decided to go for it anyway.

It didn't go well and after destroying the big ships, but my guns being a load of suck that couldn't track small, fast moving cruisers, I had to call in a friend. Once the cruisers went down, another bunch of battleships spawned, but I couldn't get through their shields. I chased a battleship for a good 10 minutes in one direction and then 10 in the other. Finally, the friend showed up and bailed me out. We finished it together.

Today, I upped my skills a bit and went for it again.

It worked! This time, it was an easier mission, with only a dozen or so battleships. It took a good 3 hours, but I got it done. I'm a 2.2 million skillpoint character in a game where 4.5 million is barely enough for a battleship. I flew a battleship that was particularly bad at PvE against enemies my shields were particularly weak against and it worked.

Salvaged and sold to bring me back to 185 million, skills are all going up and I should be able to get something really nice out of this within 2 weeks. My gametime ends on the 25th of February, though so I need to hurry it up to hit my goal of 350 million.

It's a great feeling. I can reasonably call myself independent, now. Just waiting up for a friend to log in more often so we can run mission together.

Regards, IVIilitarus

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