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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well, see, this post was originally to be a good look at where a new player in EVE Online can go to for help and just how organised and useful the truly good players in EVE are, but school started and I saved a draft for later.

See, school started in down here in South Africa, you're allowed to pick which major subjects you take with you to your future career (to emphasise these paths and let people be more specialised in one area). You have 2 subjects to take from a total of 4. You may take on extras on the side.

The options are Physics/Economics AND Accounting/Life Sciences

So you can pick one from the left and one from the right. End of story.

We also have options for maths, here. You can take Mathematical Literacy or Core Maths. Core Maths is the standard mathematics including trigonometry and such people take to great careers. In fact, Core Maths in our high schools is just plain maths for the rest of you.

Mathematical Literacy is a shitty excuse made by an incompetent Department of Education to make their nation's mathematical literacy rates look better on the pie charts. Mostly because that our moronic Ministers of Education want to keep their jobs all the time. At one point, the minimal percentage required for a pass in a single subject was 40% fuckin' percent. For a lot of subjects, it still is.

Let me quote a little gem from this piece.

"In 2008, the pass rate for maths sat at 44.11 percent. It has jumped to 47 percent in 2010."


They blame Apartheid, of course. They blame 'the evil and strife this country has faced' in the past.

Guess what? This ain't your fucking Apartheid. I'm the next generation. I was born months after the nation went free. Hell, I am one of the minorities. I'm a part of the generation that will lead this nation long after your segregation is relegated to the history books where they belong.

Thing is, our idiotic Department of Education is too concerned with damage control, saving face and, too a greater extent, their jobs to worry about us. South Africa poured 165 billion Rands into the educational system. Approximately 24.0396 billion US Dollars.

20% of state expenditure goes to educate the masses and we have trouble getting beyond 50% in mathematics.

Where the fuck does that money go?

Back to me, because I shouldn't be spewing the same statistics my Department of Education is spewing. They've done enough damage. There's more to this than statistics.

There's an individual story here. While those idiot higher-ups are too busy working up another excuse for indescribable stupidity, we're losing down here.

In this case, the individual is me.

I picked Life Sciences and Economics. Planning to go into law. The joke is that half of my cases are someone getting hurt (link) and the other half is someone getting money stolen. That's the joke.

It is a joke. The first time I told the class, they laughed at the absurdity and common sense involved.

I'm dropping Economics ASAP and going Physics. Life Sciences + Physics = Profit.

It opens up a slew of opportunities and I can still carry on a possibly lawyering deal in peace. If I screw up my lawyering, I can run screaming to Engineering without stopping.

It's taken me far too long to work it out. This is my life. I'm in control. Not those idiots on the Executive Board. The Department of Education of South Africa is meaningless to me. I'm the only thing left in my life that can pull me together.

I am the next generation and I kindly request a more competent leadership.

Regards, IVIilitarus


  1. The required percent for a pass in Alberta, Canada is a down-the-middle 50%. I wasn't aware of that number until fifth grade, where I was flabbergasted upon learning such number. I could toss all of my textbooks aside and not study once and STILL acquire a passing mark. How I view't, in order t'fail, you need t'not try.

    Of course, that's simply me. I've learned a couple years ago that there are people with learning disabilities who studies in order t'pass, and not t'achieve that A. I horripilate at the thought of the disability of understanding concepts.

  2. Pardon me, the "inability t'understand concepts."

    Understanding things isn't a disability. Or at least I hope that 'tisn't.