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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Space is Lonely

Okay, so it only took 2 weeks, but my application into E-Uni finally got accepted. I just have to wait in another queue because I opted out on joining in the middle of war and preferred to join afterward, so I have to stand in line with every other guy who left for the duration of the recent war and came back.

Mining's boring, but I took some time off to run a level 4 mission with a friend. It ended disastrously because my skill for flying the Rokh sucked and I wasn't adapted to switching ranges. Any ship in EVE sucks without good skills.

I am now about 500k away from my 2.3 million goal and have Drone skills lined up. Drones are basically separate little ships you launch from a drone bay which can be sent to harass and cause damage. The basic ones don't do that much and are only good for whittling down one or two enemies, but the T2 variants will smash entire squadrons alone and I'm aiming for those. A combination of railguns picking off battleships and drones supporting against lighter ships will pull me through. The main weakness on my ship is the lack of damage and versatility at close range. It's a sniper that's almost useless at less than 20km.

The highlight of the weak would have been taking a new player on missions. She's been playing for 2 weeks and got herself into a rather good battlecruiser, but doesn't quite have the skills to back it up yet. I took her on some level 4 missions and tanked, whilst she dealt with frigates. I let her keep the loot and salvage afterward.

It worked out pretty well, even though we're both new to this sort of thing. I've never tanked in level 4 missions in my life and she'd never been in a level 4 before, so it was a learning experience for both of us. She picked up on supporting fleets and aggro management whilst I got the experience of tanking in a level 4.

Back to the indescribably boring grind, until I get the skills done and meet my goal. The plan after that is to hit up the Sister of EVE Epic mission arc, which is a very, very long series of missions intended to give newbies a head start. Problem is, I never finished it when I was a newb and only got the first few done. The arc is intended to be completed in ships cruiser and below, so I don't think my battleship will be in any real danger.

Of particular note is the Arc's final boss, a battlecruiser with extremely strong shields that can take upwards of 10 minutes to break. I intend to charge in with a full armed battleship and a swarm of drones, just to backhand that bastard on behalf of every newbie who couldn't get past his shields.

Also have pictures! The first is my old portrait, the second is the new one. There's also a big one with various ships and size comparisons, but a few ships are missing. I got the do-over for the portrait I wanted, but failed at making my character the handsome, disciplined guy, so I went straight for the arrogant, overly patriotic, racist bastard who won't even look you in the eye as you kneel to take the picture.

I think I nailed it the second time.

Regards, IVIilitarus

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