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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Playing the Waiting Game

Incursion is being deployed now and should be here within an hour.

CCP releases large expansions every 6 months to EVE. Each carrying new ships, major features, new content and client updates and patches. Incursion is particularly large and was split into 4 pieces. The first were some patches, engine updates and a new ship.

The second was a unique holiday ship and removal of a certain, obnoxious set of skills.

The third consists of a few extra ships, additional voice features, system and environment effects as well as an AI boost.T

The fourth and final part of Incursion is the Incursion itself. Incursions are a team based PvE events. NPC Sansha characters will invade systems effectively at random. The system will have negative increasingly negative effects on the players until the invaders are stopped by the players. The new Sansha NPCs feature much more advanced AI including remote repair, concentrated fire, targeting priority and large group tactics.

The part I'm waiting for most is the new character creation system. EVE's old character creation system has been in use since the beginning and the new system is part of the next expansion; Incarna.

Incarna will finally allow players to leave their ships and walk around a bit. Details are scarce, but the character creator will allow us to make real avatars for that expansion.

A major UI update is coming along with proper hotkeys.

I'll have my new character to ya'll as soon as possible.

EDIT: 'as soon as possible' appears to be about 24 hours. The new patch is a bit large.

Regards, IVIilitarus

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  1. My goodness, the update must truly be enchanting. Is the expansion something similar t'WoW where you must pay for't in order t'benefit from't? Or does e'eryone acquire the expansion?

    If the former, do you believe that the trial will receive this update?