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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Writing tl;dr's for Fun and Profit

The Combine's in the middle of reforms. Reforms are planned upgrades to the Combine that happen at intervals, fixing things that go wrong and adding lots of pretty new stuff.

First Reform changes the way the Combine is organised (sigh, again) and will be the last ginormohugic upgrade to the Combine before BETA release.

Speaking of the BETA, Jagex has stated that they will give out no new information until BETA announcement. They' stated that it's all part of their plan.

It's really not hard to tell that that is not how you manage a pre-release video game. Especially not an MMORPG.

More information on a Combine Reform is a bit of a tl;dr (like half of my writing), so can read the wiki pages.

Right. A wiki.

See, Jagex forums aren't a good place to write and archive tl;dr's, what with the 2000 character limit and habit of inactive threads dropping offa the edge in a month. Our offsite forum could only handle so much of my junk, and I write too much, so why the hell not? SDCombine Wiki was born.

So far I'm the only one editing and adding to it on account of the Stellar Dawn Official Forum being deader than dead. Lots of goodbye threads are popping up in the Stellar Dawn section and a number of my best clan members have become inactive (after saying goodbye, natch). I've stuck a buncha stuff in, already, but still.

Despite being a sci-fi-ish and Stellar Dawn blog, I got offa my ass and pulled up two Fletching levels today, thanks to the Double Experience Thingie.

Regards, IVIilitarus


  1. "So school started and that can really, really cut into your ...blogging habit."
    I'ven't visited your blog for a minute moment (a small duration o'er a week) and suddenly 'tis almost as if your blog has went through a blogging boom. =P

    I've visited the wiki... I believe at the day you've mentioned't. I've thought about contributing more, but 'tis truly difficult t'write about things if you are unsure what t'write about. I will try t'assist once the game is released.

    Also, kudos on eventing a unique word. I've Googled "ginormohugic" and your blog was the only result mentioned.

  2. 'lso, kudos on eventing a unique word. I've Googled "ginormohugic" and your blog was the only result mentioned.'