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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Drone Spewing Tumour

Despite the relative suckness of my old Rokh compared to everything else in EVE, I still loved it. No doubt my favourite ship ever. I did sink into an all time low and bought a Raven (it's ugly and can't defend itself), but could never get into it. Flying the Raven was an experience not unlike dating Ke$ha. Unfulfilling and boring. Yes, it brings in money, but you start to wonder why anyone would do it at all after a while.

The Raven is just annoying to fly, to me. There's not enough damage in it for me to make the paper-thin tank worthwhile, so I sold it off and replaced it with a much cheaper Dominix. In fact, the Dominix is the cheapest battleship of all and the Raven hull alone cost as much as a fully-fitted Dominix.

The Dominix is ugly and opinions vary on whether it looks more like a tumour or a shoe. There is a popular photoshop of the shoe concept, but nobody is willing to try and do the tumour version.

The defining qualities of the Dominix are drone spam and tank. The Dominix is the recommended Gallente missioning battleship, due to its AFK potential (warp in, get aggro, launch drones, wait) and is quite a lot like a Rattlesnake. Even with my sucktastic armour tanking skills (trained for shields, me), the ship still holds up better than the Rokh or Raven in a fight.

The Rokh nostalgia hasn't left me, though and I dug up some nice screenies I took of my Rokh and the jerks shooting at my Rokh from a few weeks back.

Also, just got 81 Fletching and looking into 99 Fletching. It's cheap and easy and I like the idea of a 5th 99.

Regards, IVIilitarus

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  1. In all honesty, if no one's told me that the Dominix looks like a shoe (or showed me that concept art with the shoelaces), belike I'dn't notice that 'tappears so. Seeing a spaceship representing a shoe provokes my nostalgia of Spore; I thought I was quite imaginative in't. Of course, during game play, being attacked by a giant Charlie Brown PEZ Candy Dispenser in space was quite amusing but not very practical.